Aunt Flow: Do you workout on your period?

workout on your period
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We’ve all been there..

workout on your periodYour week is going great, you’re getting in your cardio and strength training like a boss. Then Aunt Flow comes to town. And if you’re anything like me, you never know when she will be visiting but when she comes, it’s very apparent. Heavy flow, terrible cramps, and the cravings for all of the donuts. But you have a decision to make: to workout on your period or not.

Does working out help or hinder?

All women are NOT created equal. For some, periods along can be hindering. I know some women who become bedridden for days every time Aunt Flow is in town. In these cases, exercise is the last thing on their minds. But if your period is manageable, it is best to continue your workout routine. Obviously, listen to your body and don’t push yourself if you’re not feeling well. Working out during your period is a good thing. Exercise helps relieve period-related annoying symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, and headaches. But there’s one exercise you should avoid.

Don’t do that handstand!

In general, yoga is fine to practice during your period as long as you’re not inverted. For example, shoulder stands, headstands, and the plough pose should be avoided. These are a no-go due to a scientific theory called vascular congestion in the uterus, which results in excessive menstrual flow. What does this mean? More cramps. And no one has time for more cramps. All other yoga poses are fine as long as you keep your head off that mat!

Other than inverted yoga poses, almost any other exercise is fair game. So lace up and get those workouts in, girl! You’ll be able to get those emotions out as well (i.e. that anger over your boyfriend forgetting your anniversary).

Do you workout on your period?


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