What to wear while working out

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For seasoned athletes and beginners alike, what you wear while exercising can either help or hinder you. Clothing goes beyond what it makes you look like in today’s article, although for some it does matter what they wear to the gym or that exercise class with the cute guy in it.

There are some key factors to think about when trying on workout clothing prior to purchasing it.

  1. Material: What is the material of the clothing you’re wearing? While cotton is soft, it isn’t very breathable. Many athletes prefer polyester, or a technical blend of materials that are more breathable. It’s helpful during a sweat sesh to be able to cool down more effectively with the proper materials.
  2. Fit: How do the clothes fit? Are they tight or loose? It’s ideal to wear looser clothing, especially for activities that get you moving in all directions. But you don’t want the clothing to be too baggy where it’s drooping off of you. Some opt for tighter fitting clothes, but keep in mind that material may stretch and become see through during that downward dog position in your Yoga class.
  3. Color: For the most part, the color doesn’t matter. But if you plan on running in the early morning or late evening, buy those brightly colored shirts and shorts! Also, get reflective gear to go along with it. There’s this new Safety Skin (see below) that basically is a reflective skin spread that you can rub on your skin so that you’re visible in the dark.
  4. Style: While style isn’t the biggest concern, it is helpful to get clothes that you at least feel cute or handsome in. For me, there are days I don’t feel like working out until I think about how cute my outfit is. Sometimes it’s the little things that push me to get my butt into the gym.
  5. Brand: Brand doesn’t matter too much, but some brands cost more than others. I’ve found great clothes at Old Navy and Target that are comparable to Athleta and Lulu Lemon clothes. While my favorite workout clothes usually come from Athleta, I can’t always afford their high prices. I try to keep an open mind when shopping for exercise gear, and I’ve had good luck with the clearance rack at Dick’s sporting goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s.


What do you look for in a workout outfit? Do you pay attention to what you wear or do you just throw on whatever is clean enough to be presentable for the gym? Do you have a favorite brand? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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