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Valentine’s day: fitness gifts for your loved one

Valentine’s day: fitness gifts for your loved one

Today is Valentine’s day. Cupid’s day to go around shooting everyone with arrows. The typical go-to gift is usually a card with either flowers, chocolate or both. But as you become more health-conscious and earth-friendly, you may be struggling with new gift ideas. Well, no fear! For I am here to give you plenty of great fitness and health-friendly gift ideas for your loved one or friends.

Valentine’s day gift ideas

  • Workout outfit. Everyone loves new clothes to workout in. Personally, if I have great clothes to workout in I’m more likely to workout more often. As far as where to go? I’d recommend Athleta, Lulu Lemon, or even Target has some great workout gear.valentine's day
  • Water bottle. Most people don’t drink enough water when working out. What better way to keep your sweetheart hydrated than getting them a large, reusable water bottle for them to bring to the gym.
  • Protein and supplements (i.e. food). I’m all about the food. I literally workout just to eat. And yes I have a problem. I have to make sure I have a good protein shake so I don’t go for the cookies. 
  • Activity tracker. In case you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love my Garmin VivoSmart HR+. I think if I had a boyfriend and he got me an activity tracker as a gift, I may just take him on walks on the beach with me. Or perhaps just walk to the local bakery and get donuts.
  • Gym membership or classes at a local gym or studio. If you have a girl you’re shopping for, I can’t recommend barre classes more. Get her a month of classes to try it out, she may get hooked. If there’s a guy in your life, consider boxing or martial arts classes.

What are you getting your sweetie for Valentine’s day?

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