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Top 5 Instagram Fitness Influencers of 2018

Top 5 Instagram Fitness Influencers of 2018


Have you heard the term Insta-famous before? It’s basically those people who became Instagram famous over night. Some become famous over a viral video, whereas others become famous based on a trending hashtag. Today I’m going to go over the top 5 Instagram fitness influencers. These are the guys and gals who are out there motivating us to get our butts back into shape.

Top 5 Instagram Fitness InfluencersInstagram fitness influencers

  1. Michelle Lewin with nearly 13 million followers, she is hands-down the most influential fitness hottie on Instagram (not counting celebrities, of course). She has just over a thousand posts, mostly workout videos, that provide motivation to those who follow her. Check out her profile HERE
  2.  Jen Selter is a close number two, with nearly 12 million followers. She also has just over a thousand posts that include workout videos and motivational quotes. Check out her profile HERE.
  3. Ana Chari has nearly 11 million followers. Most of her posts are of her doing daily activities and of her incredible booty. Check out her profile HERE.
  4. Ulisses Jr. is the top male influencer at over 4 million followers. Men have it harder than females, but for a guy he’s pretty ripped. He posts a lot of great workout videos for those looking to build muscle. Check out his profile HERE.
  5. Simeon Panda is close at just under 4 million followers. He’s a body builder who posts incredible videos of him lifting heavy weights. He also makes daily chores, like ironing, look sexy as hell. Check out his profile HERE.

Instagram fitness influencers

While all of these accounts are great, I personally prefer to hear about the underdogs. You know, the not as influential people who are still doing what they love and sharing it for all of us to be motivated. I’ll be writing a follow-up post soon on the less famous but still awesome Instagram influencers.

Who influences you the most? Who do you follow for motivation?

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