Top 5 Cyber Week Deals: Black Friday on Amazon

black friday
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Black Friday is here!

Do you know the hottest deals going down this week? Are you willing to fight the crowds on Black Friday to get the best deal? If you’re anything like me, you’d rather just sleep in and go to the gym than wake up extra early to wait in line to save a few dollars. Today I’m going to write about the best deals online this week that you should definitely check out.

For you fitness lovers!

There’s a mega sale on everything Under Armour today! Be sure to stock up, whether it be for yourself or your loved ones. Check out the sale HERE┬áto see deals up to 40% off! Also, now’s the time to buy that FitBit you’ve been eyeing!

Amazing Amazon device prices!

Whether it’s the Fire Stick, Fire Tablet or the Echo dot that you’ve been eyeing, now’s the time to stock up! I personally have the Amazon Echo (Alexa) and the Fire Stick I love them! The FireStick has opened up almost every TV show and movie to me, and I don’t even have cable TV. I’m thinking about getting a dot as well, and with the price this low it’s a no-brainer!

And last but not least…

Maybe it’s just me but I’m a nerd at heart and these deals got me excited. I love dancing video games since I love to dance/exercise and it gives me an excuse to stay in and sweat off those extra holiday calories. Anyone else feeling the stuffing still sticking to their ribs or is that just me?

What deals are you looking forward to?

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