The Importance of Fit

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All runners should know the importance of a proper shoe fitting. Unfortunately, beginning and seasoned runners alike make many common mistakes when picking out new running shoes. Some runners just pick a shoe based on brand or how it looks. They think if they look cool enough they’ll run better. Giving into peer pressure or running in the same type of shoe your friend does won’t help you. Everyone is different and there isn’t one shoe that fits all.

Another common mistake is when runners wear their shoes for too long. The general rule is a pair of running shoes should last about 300 to 500 miles. Most runners don’t keep track of mileage or just wait until their shoes are shot. This can lead to injury and ideally you should overlap your shoes a little bit. Doing this will help you ease into your new shoes as you ease out of the old ones.

At the end of the day, most runners turn to online reviews or shoe sales to determine which shoes to buy. They tend to avoid specialty stores since they don’t want to spend the time and increased cost on these shoes. But it’s worth it to be fitted by an expert. Gait analysis and identifying specific needs of the wearer are important aspects runners tend to overlook when they skip the specialty store and seek shoes elsewhere. Also, while the shoes are more expensive, runners who go elsewhere may spend more buying pair after pair of the wrong kind of shoe, and spending more out of dissatisfaction. Avoid being dissatisfied and get professionally fitted today at your local running store. If in Oak Park, check out either Fleet Feet or Lively Athletics to get fitted properly.

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Have you gotten fitted for running shoes? If so, where did you go? If not, why haven’t you?

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