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The future of education: Student Centric learning

After reading this interesting article on Linked In, I feel compelled to share it and add my two cents. I find it fascinating the take-off and enormous reach of online learning. I myself am an online student since I am enrolled in a WizIQ course meant for teachers who are interested in building their teaching business online. So far, I’ve only tutored face-to-face but I am interested in starting tutoring/teaching online over mediums such as Skype, Google Talk and WizIQ itself. I find it amazing that through this one online course, there are over 1600 students from all over the world. Almost every country is represented through the diverse students who are all in one way or another teachers as well. This online course is super convenient since I can watch the videos whenever I can if I can’t attend the live sessions, and there’s an ongoing discussion and blog that help the students connect to each other as well as ask the presenters any and all questions they may have.

As for this article “E-Learning & the Obliteration of Traditional Education Institutions” by Roelf Woldring that I read earlier today, it is a very interesting view on e-learning and the future of education. Education as we know it is changing already. We are now able to educate so many more students who previously did not have access to education due to lack of nearby education institutions. With online teaching, we can teach anyone, anywhere as long as they have internet access. It is mind-boggling to think how eventually we won’t have a need for as many education institutions as there are now. With the ease of e-learning and the much lower cost of it, paying high tuition rates for college will no longer be the only option for prospective students. Traditional educational institutions and practice will not disappear overnight. Social practices and established institutions are slow to change since they are deeply embedded in a web of social and political relationships.

While it may take a very long time for developed countries like the USA to adapt to E-learning and to get rid of traditional educational institutions, it has already begun in the underdeveloped world where student centric education liberates and empowers individuals. Educational innovation from the spread of e-learning will proceed at a much faster rate in the underdeveloped world than it will in the developed. While the final outcome is hard to predict, it is clear that the process has already begun throughout the world. I find it thrilling that this is happening in our world, and I look forward to seeing how this changes both the world as we know it and education as we see it.

What do you think about the future of education? Have you ever been a part of an online course? How did you like it? Please comment with your answers and other thoughts!


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