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Tapering off sugar

Tapering off sugar

After seeing a sugar free trend on Facebook, I decided to do some research into the idea of not consuming sugar. What I found was concerning. Not only does sugar lead to heart disease and diabetes, it’s also considered a powerful drug. People get addicted to sugar similar to or even worse than cocaine.

With this knowledge and the inspirational posts from friends, I decided to try and taper off sugar about three months ago. I’m not going to lie, it’s been an uphill battle. Some days I’m completely sugar free, other days I’m eating cookies. I’ve taken the proper steps to replace my sugary foods with healthy alternatives. For example, I now eat unsweetened oatmeal for breakfast and stick to nuts and fruit for snacks. I also try to eat more salads and veggies rather than sandwiches and bread.

Overall, I feel better just from cutting back on sugar. I’ve noticed my workouts improving and I don’t feel as tired as I did before. I also have noticed my emotions have balanced out, even when I’m experiencing my monthly cycle. Also, in relation to that, less cramps which means a less cranky Jen.

What’s your relationship with sugar like? Are you addicted? Are you trying to cut back or cut it out completely? What have you done that works?

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