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Swimsuit: Winter 2018 Edition

Swimsuit: Winter 2018 Edition

Now’s the time to buy that swimsuit!

You may have been counting the calories since the New Year rolled in, but did you know that you should be trying on and buying that swimsuit for summer 2018 right now? Winter is the best time to purchase a swimsuit since they are all on sale. Put your calorie counter down, and run on over to the store or go online to get the cutest suit before they’re all gone.

Trending swimsuits for 2018

swimsuitNow’s the time when bathing suit trends start. This time of the year is when the Resort collections drop and supermodels and stars jet-set off to extravagant beach locales, showing us what to wear for the new year. These swimsuits will be the trend through the entire year, from now until December 2018. It’s safe to wear these when on vacation in March or September. PopSugar did the research for us, feel free to read up on every design or go straight to the one you’ve been eyeing.

Prepare for that killer swimsuit

Do this workout to get ready for the beach this summer!

Complete the following circuit four times, resting 1 minute after jumping rope in each round.

Mountain Climbers

Reps: 45


Reps: 20-30

Front Plank

Duration: 1 min.

Jump Rope:

Duration: 1 min.

 What’s your favorite swimsuit for 2018?


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