Sticky notes: Shin splints and KT tape

shin splints
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Known running fact

Shin splints suck. Less known? Kinesiology tape can make them suck less. Not only can I attest for this from my Chicago Marathon 2017 training, a new study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness agrees. People who wore KT tape for just a week experienced less pain than those who used shoe insoles. This is huge when shin splints make up 13 percent of all running injuries.

What are shin splints

Shin splints happen when you overload the muscles in the front of your shin, causing inflammation in the muscle, tendon and bone. KT tape lifts the superficial tissues, which promotes healing by moving waste products out of the area. It also stimulates nerve endings that relax the muscle. The best part is the tape is elastic and allows normal movement patterns, so you can continue running at least some of those training miles. I recommend cutting your miles in half, since shin splints are often caused by going too hard or too far without building up to it. They respond well to rest, so if they still are just as painful after a rest period (i.e. a week or two), be sure to go to the doctor to rule out a stress fracture.

My favorite KT tape

This KT Tape is a life saver. I found it to be the least expensive on Amazon and ended up going through almost two rolls during marathon training last year. What brand of KT tape do you like?


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