Spice up your life: allspice or no spice?

spice up your life
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An alternative to cinnamon

Cinnamon has many health benefits as we all know. But some people are allergic to cinnamon! If you’re one of those unfortunate people, don’t fear! Allspice is a great alternative with many health benefits as well. I’m here to tell you why you should spice up your life, especially during this holiday season.

Allspice benefits

  1. Digestive Benefits. Allspice may benefit digestion. The eugenol components of allspice’s fruit not only provide an unusual aroma but can also ease digestive symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Also, allspice may be gas-reducing. This spice acts as a relaxant to aid stomach cramps and conversely acts as a stimulant to aid digestion.
  2. Anti-Bacterial Benefits. Recent research studies have revealed that a kind of traditional preparation made from a mixture of allspice oil, garlic extraction, and oregano can combat against E.coli, Salmonella and L.monocytogenes infections.
  3. Good source of minerals. Minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, copper, selenium and magnesium are found in allspice. Iron is essential for red blood cell production in the bone marrow. Potassium helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Manganese is utilized in the human body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.
  4. Good source of vitamins. Vitamin A, B-6, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C are all found in allspice. Vitamin C is a powerful natural antioxidant.

Spice up your lifespice up your life

Some great ideas to add allspice to your diet include the following:

  • Adding the berries when making glühwein or chai tea.
  • Sprinkle a pinch on roasted vegetables.
  • Add to sweet dishes when you want a bit more spiciness (i.e. gingerbread, apple pie, or dark chocolate desserts).
  • It’s a great addition to stews, curries, and soups.
  • Jerk chicken recipe using ground allspice.

What are your favorite allspice recipes?

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