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SPENGA: Spin, Strength, Yoga. Last week I tried my first SPENGA class, kinda. It was on a rooftop and not in the studio, so unfortunately there were no bikes and therefore only strength and yoga (50/50). Despite missing the spin, I had a great time! It was a gorgeous, breezy night in Oak Park, and I was sweating alongside many others. We were all a part of a beautiful symphony of bodyweight exercises and stretches.

The class was broken down into two parts: 30 minutes of strength and 30 minutes of yoga. The strength section was broken down into 3 sets of 10 minute circuits. All three had different formats and exercises that hit all my muscles. I was definitely feeling it! The yoga was a nice way to stretch and work those muscles further after feeling them burn during the strength section. All I was missing was cardio. They did invite us to try SPENGA for a week for free, and I might take the offer mostly to try the spin section. I felt like that part was missing.

In addition to the amazing, free workout session, they also provided free food and drinks from Nando’s afterwards. Delicious! All in all, a great free class on a Thursday night in Oak Park. Can’t ask for much more. The best part is that I get to not only participate but also apply what I learned in my class that I teach every Tuesday night in Oak Park. If you’re in the area, check out my class! We meet at the Oak Park River Forest High School track at 7:00 PM every Tuesday night for an hour. The class focuses on strength and conditioning meant to build muscle and increase stability. It’s a great class for runners looking to cross-train or just your average Joe looking to lose a few pounds. We apply a variety of techniques that are proven to build endurance and strength while attacking excess fat.

For more information on the class, follow and like my Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/selfevolveco

I post up the weekly class event invite among other posts that provide motivation and humor on a daily basis. The class is only $10, but I will be teaching a free class next week! If Tuesdays don’t work for you, let me know as I am currently also providing personal training at a local gym. Reach out to me for more information on personal training! Rates are very reasonable, and I work with you and your schedule as well as create a customized workout plan that meets your fitness goals.

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