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Skinny-fat: High metabolism and poor diet combo

Skinny-fat: High metabolism and poor diet combo

skinny-fatSome of us are blessed with height, others are blessed with beautiful teeth or perhaps gorgeous eyes. Genes play a huge role in many of our features, and some people are blessed with an extremely high metabolism that seems to never slow down. I have friends who can eat whatever they want and as much as they want and not even gain a pound. These people are referred to as skinny-fat. Indeed, they are thin and appear to be healthy when looking at their BMI, but upon further investigation they aren’t as healthy as they look.

Skinny-fat: skinny on the outside

Guys and girls alike who are blessed with high metabolism may feel like they have won the genetic lottery. They can literally eat anything and not gain a pound! I know for some this isn’t the case. Many guys and gals are steering away from the skinny look and prefer the more athletic/muscular/toned look. For those with high metabolisms, it can be a struggle to put on any weight, including muscle weight. They often have to eat even more than the average person just to keep up with their strength training and cardio workouts.

Fat on the inside

While these people look and feel skinny, their insides often tell a different story. Depending on what they’re eating, they may actually be holding on to more fat than what meets the eye. If their diet is high in unhealthy fats and processed foods, i.e. lots of fast food, they’re likely much more unhealthy than one would think. For most of us, fat is visible when we’re overweight. For someone with a high metabolism, their fat may be hidden. Fat can be found surrounding our organs and within our cardiovascular system. Oftentimes, people who look skinny may actually be carrying a lot of extra fat throughout their body systems. To combat this, muscle is needed in order to start burning the extra unseen fat.

Are you skinny-fat? What’s your favorite feature on your body?

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