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School is back in session

As school starts up again, and I receive more and more emails regarding ACT test prep, I can’t help but think about more important things other than ACT.

Don’t get me wrong, ACT is important. You have to take the test in order to get into college. Depending on what school you want to go to, you have to get a certain score. But I think this test is over-rated. It is difficult, and timed in a way that no other test in your life is timed. Without fail, many of my students end up feeling very anxious and sometimes have panic attacks over this test. Is this test worth it? No. There’s more to school than a test.

I came across this article recently: CLICK HERE

I love how this school is using art and other creative outlets to develop their students. Their students are learning more and more, and not by taking mandatory tests. I think it’s important to let students learn in multiple ways. A mandatory, national test is not the only way a student can learn. Some people are bad at test taking, but this doesn’t mean they’re not smart. Some of my brightest students struggle to get over a 24 on their ACT score, which is a score that some schools will take, but other schools require closer to a 27 or 28 to be accepted.

How do you feel about art and creativity in schools? Do you think standardized testing is the best measure of our student’s knowledge and understanding?


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