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Practice – The key to success

As the new school year starts, parents and children engage in similar activities: school clothes shopping, school supply shopping, and checking out classroom and scheduling assignments.

This time of year holds a mixture of emotions for parents and students alike. Anything from excitement and eagerness to nervousness and apprehension. But one critical factor will play a large role in the success of each student: practice.

Next to curriculum and curriculum delivery, the degree of practice holds the largest impact on success. Without practice, no one could get better at anything. If practice is not present in the classroom, it may appear as drill.

How can you tell what type of practice is in your child’s classroom? See the following checklist which can help determine the extent to which robust practice procedures occur in the classroom.

This article is based on an article posted on Linked In which can be seen HERE which dives further into this.

Using this checklist, teachers can make sure they are using the correct type of practice in their classrooms. The type of practice that helps students achieve success in their studies.

How do you help your students practice more and stay focused?


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