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Pro Results: New Year New You!

Pro Results: New Year New You!

New Year’s Resolutions!

new year new youNext week is not only a new week, it’s also a brand new year. With the new year, many people set out new goals to get back into shape, lose weight, or start eating healthier.  New year new you! Almost everyone sets out with great goals, but many fall short of achieving them. Today I’m going to go over some great ways to set up your new year goals and to achieve them this year.

Resolution tips

  • Write down all of your New Year resolutions. Writing your goals down is the first step in making them real. Keep your list short: starting out with one goal makes it more achievable rather than overwhelming yourself with too many goals.
  • Put a number on it! For every resolution, give it an amount by a certain time. For example, if you want to run, write “I will run 3 miles a week starting January 1st and until March 31st.” Or, if you want to eat better, write “I will cook at home 5 days a week starting January 1st.” These are action items to lead you to your overall goals.
  • Bite-sized pieces. Break your overall big goals into bite-sized pieces. Don’t expect to completely change your life overnight. Instead, cut back on certain indulgences as you ease into eating healthier. For example, write “I will lose 5 pounds by February 1st.” Then, once you achieve your first goal, you can create a new goal. Build upon your success rather than setting yourself up for failure.
  • Start now! Don’t wait for the new year! There are some amazing deals going on at all gyms, and prices generally increase for the new year. Also, clothes are on sale as well. You can stock up on all your gear, shoes included, before the new year!

New Year New You!

The best part of starting out your new goals is seeing the results. Once you start seeing and feeling better, you’ll be fueled to continue on your New Year’s resolution. And with the money you’re saving from not eating out at fast food restaurants all the time you can treat yourself, perhaps with a spa day or a nice weekend trip somewhere. The best part is getting friends and family in to join you at the gym. LA Fitness in Oak Brook, IL has a special going on right now where you can add a family member to your account for only $10!

We also have very affordable Personal Training packages, some coming in the lowest they’ve been all year! Come visit me today to go over your fitness and health goals for the new years. I’ll take you through a killer workout as well!

Call me at 630-684-0176 for more information. Just ask for Jen, I’m there almost every day of the week and weekends too!

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