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May the Fourth be with you: force of working out

May the Fourth be with you: force of working out

If you’re a nerd like me..

You know that according to Newton’s second law, force equals mass times acceleration. What does this have to do with exercise? Everything! Think about that bicep curl. How much can you curl? 20 pounds? 40 pounds? That’s the mass. Then how fast are you curling the dumbbell? The faster you curl, the more force you need to apply. But why does this matter? Who cares how much force you use when working out? Our muscles do!

May the Force be with you

While we may not be able to move objects with our minds (yet), we can definitely lift some pretty heavy objects as long as we’re smart about it. What do I mean by this? I mean by training to lift heavier. It may seem straight-forward but it actually takes work to be able to lift heavier. You can’t just grab the heaviest weight to start. It’s best to start light then over time add weight. But just adding weight over time isn’t enough since doing the same exercises over and over will no longer cause micro-tears to the muscle. Instead, our muscles adapt and get used to doing the same exercises. So a change is needed!

A change in you, I sense

Much like training to fight, you must learn different fighting techniques. If you only know one attack, you will be easily overcome and likely will lose every time. Every so often it’s smart to change up your workout routine. Depending on your goals is how you determine in which ways you change your routine. For me, most of my goals revolve around running. Both further and faster since I can’t just decide on one. Also, I want to look and feel like a superhero. With these goals in mind, most of my workouts are centered on helping me improve my running speed, endurance, and building muscle for strength and aesthetics.

What are your fitness goals? How do you change up your routine?

If you need help with workout planning and/or ideas on how to change it up, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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