Massive, mighty and marvelous

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Today is a day full of awesome M words. While I don’t really have a goal to become massive, I do lift weights and perform body weight exercises in order to build my muscles and become stronger. I wouldn’t mind larger muscles, sometimes I feel like the bigger the better in regards to muscles. And without trying to, I won’t look too big. Women with muscles are sexy, and I’m all about that.

The best part about having massive and mighty muscles? The fact that you burn calories and fat quicker. Higher muscle means higher metabolism. Which is good for someone like me, who likes to eat. I basically wake up hungry, and am hungry for about 90% of the day. I drink lots of water, to help fight the good fight against eating everything within sight, but I can easily eat a full meal and still wonder if I should get dessert. While I usually hold myself back, I know deep down that if I didn’t work out 5-6 times a week and work towards increasing my muscles I would be in trouble. Of the fat variety.

Some of us workout to be in shape. I work out to avoid being fat, to be healthy, and to feel good. It also helps me reduce stress in my life which lets me be marvelous in my everyday life. With less stress, I’m able to focus on the positive in life and work on bettering myself in every avenue in life.

While I’m not perfect, far from it actually, I strive to take baby steps as often as I can towards my goals, both physically and mentally. In a similar way, I also try to take baby steps towards bettering this business. I try to post on social media daily, sometimes multiple times. I try different types of posts to see what works and what doesn’t work. I have a new video coming soon, and a few other videos in the works. In addition to these, I am also going to be starting a few recordings. Nothing too crazy, but I have some stories about my life I’d like to share in hopes of providing motivation to the people listening in. While this is very much a personal training business, I don’t believe helping people achieve their fitness goals ends at fitness. Fitness and exercise isn’t just something you do, it’s a lifestyle and a mindset. To have a positive outlook on life is key. More about this to come.

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