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To be fierce like a lioness, one has to learn how to hunt and fight for their life. Even when all seems lost, one must not lose hope for there is always a tomorrow. Every day is a gift, treat it that way and use it to become stronger and better than you were the day before.

At the end of last year, two months after my husband left the house and when I had received my personal training certificate, a good friend of mine sent me a photo of a lioness on the prowl. She simply wrote fitness goals, but it inspired so much more inside of me. It actually started the thought process and idea formation for my personal training business. Up until that point in my life, I never really understood how important good friends were in life. Without them, I am not sure where I would have been so late in December as I was also experiencing my first holiday season without my mom.

Through the sadness and pain, I felt a renewed strength within me when I looked at this picture of the hunting lioness. It helped propel me forward into my new career as a personal trainer and showed me that no matter what, my friends were still there to cheer me on.

I know so many great people, but today I want to highlight a very talented photographer that I know, Jerry Alt. He takes amazing pictures and recently went on a beautiful safari in Kenya where the following pictures were taken. He inspires me to continue to evolve and grow into my full potential. It’s crazy to see how buff and strong these animals truly are.

Photos taken by Jerry Alt of Alt Imagery. Follow him on Facebook.

These pictures show the true beauty and strength of these large cats. Just as these lions and leopards have evolved to hunt more efficiently, I’m evolving to be the best I can be. Everyday I work towards my goals in life. No excuses. What motivates you? Who inspires you? When something strikes you as different and interesting, do you pursue it?

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