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How to get abs: 3 important factors to get the core you want

How to get abs: 3 important factors to get the core you want

how to get absMany people think the more core workouts they do the bigger the abs they’ll get. This is true, but all of us have a thin layer of fat over our abs. This being said, the bigger abs you get will only push out that layer of fat making you look bigger and not in a good way. I’m here to tell you how to get abs utilizing three important factors.

Abs are made in the kitchen

I’ve heard this saying a million times, and it’s true. What you eat plays a huge role in whether or not your abs show. I’m not talking just six pack, but even just that slender look in the abdominal region. What you want to focus on is eating more whole foods and less sugar and processed foods. I.e. vegetables, fruit, whole grains, white meat, etc. If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend talking to a registered dietitian or nutritionist.

How to get abs in the gym

In addition to what you’re eating, cardio is also important. While you don’t necessarily need a gym to get your cardio in, it’s a good idea to change up your cardio routine to keep your body guessing. Many of us hit a plateau and to combat this, try to do the stair master instead of the treadmill. Or the elliptical instead of the bike. Spin class, anyone?

Don’t forget your iron!

While core workouts are great, you have to do more than just hit the core. Building up your muscle all over your body will help you burn away your extra pounds of fat. When strength training, be sure to not hit the same body part more than once a week. It’s a good idea to split your body parts up over 3-4 days. One example for a 3 day split is: Upper Body Push (Chest and Triceps), Upper Body Pull (Back and Biceps), and Lower Body (Legs). This way you give your body plenty of time to rest. 

Put it all together

I recommend switching between strength training and cardio every other day. I.e. Monday lift, Tuesday cardio, Wednesday lift, Thursday cardio, Friday lift, Saturday cardio, Sunday active rest (yoga!). And eat clean everyday! Make sure you’re getting plenty of water and protein through the week!

What is your workout regiment like? Post below your workout schedule

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