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Heart-rate: Where your heart’s at matters

Heart-rate: Where your heart’s at matters

Do you track your heart-rate?

If you’re running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike, there are usually heart-rate sensors on the handlebars. And when doing cardio, it’s normal to keep track of your heart rate. The general rule of thumb is to keep your heart rate between 60 to 70% max to burn fat, or 70 to 85% to be in the maximum cardio benefit zone. Your max heart rate is based on your age; it’s the equation of 220 minus your age. For me, my max heart rate is 189. But most people don’t know that they should also track their heart-rate when doing strength training.

Strength training and your heart

heart-rateIt isn’t enough to just lift heavy weights. You have to maintain an elevated heart-rate while lifting as well. If you rest for too long, your heart rate will drop and you won’t get as many benefits from your workout. Rest between sets is important, but you don’t want to go below 50% of max heart rate during your workout. If needed, do some squats, jumping jacks, or high knees between sets to keep your heart-rate going.

Beginners to strength training should aim to keep their heart-rate between 50 to 60% max. As you become more advanced, you can up this to 70 to 80% max. Most importantly, you should listen to your body to determine the overall intensity of your workout. Keep in mind, our bodies adapt and get used to exercises, so be sure to push yourself and increase the intensity over time.

Do you track your heart rate while lifting?

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