Health supplements to take to unleash your fitness

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Do you take supplements?

If so, which ones? Fitness isn’t just about hitting the gym, it goes beyond those intense workouts. Your diet plays a huge role in your fitness and health. Some say even more so than lifting or running all day. Supplements are trending more and more, even making their way to India. The main driving factor? Social media. But with all the images and information out there, it can be difficult to navigate through which supplements are actually beneficial to you. 

The supplements I take

  • Multivitamin: I take a women’s multivitamin daily. My favorite brand is Vimerson Health, I order it from Amazon and a bottle lasts me a month. This vitamin helps fuel me, so I take them every morning.
  • BCAA’s: I can’t say enough good things about Xtend BCAA’s. They have helped me achieve my fitness goals and continue to help fuel me during and after my workouts. I like to take these right after working out, or right before depending on my mood. Sometimes both.
  • Protein: While I prefer to get my protein naturally, sometimes it is necessary to drink a protein shake. My favorite, hands down, is Vega protein. It’s vegan and delicious. I get the chocolate flavor, but I’m sure the other flavors are great too. I’m just a choco-holic.

Things I don’t take

For the most part, I don’t take pre-workout. Sometimes I do take it when I’m feeling extra-tired, but I don’t find it necessary at all times. I also don’t take creatine. For some reason, I just don’t find the need to add in extra supplements into my daily routine. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? What do you think?

What supplements do you take to reach your fitness goals?

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