Global Running Day

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Tomorrow is Global Running Day. This holiday started out as a national US holiday in 2009 but went global in 2016. The idea behind it is to show that fitness is fun. There’s also a Million Kid Run which is about inspiring kids to embrace running as a way to get healthy and fit. The goal is to have a million kids participate. In 2016 672,030 kids participated. Let’s spread the word and hit a million this year!

I love the idea of everyone around the world running together. Running helps me clear my mind and to be able to run with other people makes running even more enjoyable. Other runners inspire me to not only continue running but to also always work towards improving my running, whether it be to run faster, further, or more often. Being surrounded by other runners helps me excel in running. Even with other runners who are way better than me, I don’t compare myself to them since I know I may never be as good as them. Instead, I know I am on my own journey just like they are on their own. And we all move forward at our own pace, pun intended. We are not all in uniform, instead we are each unique runners. Everyone runs a little differently, too. There’s no absolutely correct running form since what works for one person may not work for another. Kind of interesting to think about. Running is as much an art form as a science.

Throwback Tuesday to 2014 when I was still a new runner. Also pre-blue/purple hair. 🙂

What inspires you to run? Do you run with other people or by yourself? Do you enjoy races and holidays such as global running day? I’ll be running 3 miles with my fun run group at Lively Athletics in Oak Park. Where will you be running and for how long? Be sure to pledge on the Global Running Day website by clicking HERE!

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