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Chicago Marathon Lottery: Not selected and how to still run it

Chicago Marathon Lottery: Not selected and how to still run it

Were you a part of the Chicago Marathon Lottery for 2018? You know, the system where you have to wait and hold your breath until December 12th to know whether you’ve been selected or not? If you entered the lottery and were one of the unlucky ones to not be selected, I’m here to tell you how you can still run the Chicago Marathon in 2018.

Running for a charity

While Bank of America may have rejected you, there are still plenty of spots open with almost every charity out there that’s a part of the Chicago Marathon. Now I know what you’re thinking. “But Jen, I don’t want to fundraise thousands of dollars just to get my butt to the start line.” But fear not, for I have a solution for you!

Best charity ever

chicago marathon lotteryThe solution to your problem? Run for the best charity ever. I know, you’re likely thinking this is a stretch. How can I be certain this is the best charity ever? And, once again, how can I be certain I’ll fundraise to the minimum requirements? Well, running with the best charity will help you fundraise easier. What charity is this, you ask? Team World Vision. And what makes it the best? Well, several things. First of all, they bring clean water to those who need it the most in Africa. Kids and adults in Africa have to walk an average of 6K a day just to get water. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Team World Vision, they attempt to cut that distance to as short as possible by bringing clean water to communities and town centers.

Team World Vision also helps to build schools and bring supplies to those who need it the most in these same communities. They are transparent when it comes to the work they do; showing videos and even hosting the adults and children they’ve helped here in the US. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the people we helped bring clean water to in Africa when they came to Chicago for a visit. Not sure how much better it can get from there.

Chicago Marathon Lottery

While you may be bummed to not have gotten selected at random from the 2018 Chicago Marathon Lottery, you should be happy to hear that Team World Vision has plenty of spots for you to run! And the cherry on top? You don’t have to raise thousands of dollars just to run. The charity asks for each runner to raise enough money to bring clean water to 26.2 kids. What does that look like? It looks like $1,310 ($50 brings clean water to one child for life).

The best part is you’re running for such a great cause. And say you don’t meet your goal (that last $10 can be a killer!), not a huge deal! Team World Vision won’t break your legs nor will they ask you to cover the difference. The only things you have to worry about are the entry fee for the Chicago Marathon, purchasing a Team World Vision jersey to run in, and hopefully chipping in a few dollars of your own for such a great cause.

So what’s stopping you from running Chicago in 2018?

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