Chicago Marathon 2017: Hydration

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Marathon Hydration

While the popular slogan is “Stay thirsty, my friend” you actually want the opposite when running a marathon. Even during training, while running those longer runs, you definitely want to focus on running and Marathon Hydration. The question is, how do you stay hydrated when running 15, 20, or 26.2 miles? Like how do you even carry or plan to drink the appropriate amount of water? How do you know how much to drink?

I have written about electrolytes before but wanted to expand on the topic in regards to running those 26.2 miles, especially on a unseasonably hot day (80 degrees, anyone?).

Some runners run with a bottle of water. Or multiple bottles of water, strapped to their running belts. For me, I wanted a solution that would allow me to drink throughout the entire marathon without having to stop and refill. But, I was also on a budget. After reading many reviews, I settled on this hydration pack meant for running and these electrolyte drops to get me through the Chicago Marathon.

I loved both this pack and the drops. Together, they helped me stay hydrated despite the heat on October 8th. The pack was big enough to last through the entire race, I drank every last ounce of electrolyte-enhanced water through the race. I even stopped at a few water stations and drank water that was being handed out. I would recommend these life-saving items to anyone training for a marathon. They enlightened me during my marathon-training and helped relieve me of worry in regards to hydration while running for over 3 hours.

What do you use to stay hydrated while running? Do you prefer to carry your water in your hand or perhaps on a belt? Do you use multiple bottles or just one and refill it? Leave a comment below!

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