Shoes matter: Why you should change your shoe game up

shoe game
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How many pairs of gym shoes do you have?

shoe gameMany people have a favorite pair or two of gym shoes that they always wear to the gym or while running. Especially once you’ve been fit for running shoes, it’s hard to venture out of your comfort zone. But I’m here to tell you that it’s a good idea to change your shoe game up for several reasons.

Why you should change up your shoe game

There are many reasons to venture outside of your favorite pair of running shoes.

  • Injury prevention. Running in different types of running shoes will help you prevent injury. When you have to run in a different pair of shoes than the one pair you run in, you may injure yourself since your body is used to only running in specific shoes. 
  • Changing conditions. Do you always run on the same surface in the same exact weather conditions? If so, then continue on wearing your own pair of shoes. But if you’re like me, you’re out there running in the rain, snow, or sunshine. You’re also running on streets, trails, treadmills and tracks. These are all different conditions so you should be running in different shoes depending on the surface and weather conditions.
  • Versatility. When you rotate through different shoes, you will build up your running versatility. You’ll be able to run in almost any pair of shoes since your body will know how to adjust in order to run well.
  • Run efficiently. Your form will improve over time if you rotate through shoes since your body will be forced to adjust to each type of shoe. This way, your body won’t get lazy and you will keep your body guessing each time you lace up.

For me, I currently have 3 pairs of running shoes that I rotate through. I love my Brooks, but also run in Skechers and 361 Degrees.

Do you change up your shoes? Or are you the type to only run in one pair?

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