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Carry your stuff while running with efficiency and ease

Carry your stuff while running with efficiency and ease

carry your stuff while runningIf you’ve been following along with my running-themed posts, you likely have deduced that as you run you will also have to bring a few things with you: i.e. water, a way to track your run, and perhaps your keys to get back in your home after your run. To make running easier and more enjoyable, it’s a good idea to find an efficient way to carry your stuff while running. After trying a few different methods of carrying my stuff while running, I’m here to review them all with you.

Hold whatever…

One option is to just hold whatever it is you need. Hold onto that water bottle, and maybe stick those keys in your pocket along with your phone or map (for tracking purposes). Or just wear that tracking device on your wrist (i.e. a fitbit). But for the shorter distance runs, there really shouldn’t be any issue holding onto your stuff as long as you keep that stuff to the bare minimum.

Use a utility belt, Batman

carry your stuff while running

Running belts these days can carry almost anything: that water bottle (or multiple), those keys, and that huge Apple X phone (phablet?). I absolutely love my Nathan running belt. It holds my phone, keys, and energy chews. This brand also makes great belts that hold water bottles too! Alternatively, you could just get a bad-ass Batman belt and fight crime as you run around town.


See a few great options below.

Use your arm, Popeye

carry your stuff while runningYou could get an armband or wristband instead to hold your phone and keys. I personally think armbands jiggle a lot when I run with them. However, some runners prefer an armband as it can add a little extra weight training in to your cardio days (well, at least for one of your arms so you might look like Popeye).

Check out the options below for your next run.

Carry protection…

Another good idea is to carry something to protect yourself, especially if you’re running at night and/or through an area that’s new to you. Be sure to have pepper spray, your keys, or a self-carry your stuff while runningdefense stick on hand just in case. This doesn’t only apply to females, anyone can be attacked no matter your gender, age, or any other factor. Run safely at all times!

See some great self-defense options below.

How do you carry your stuff while running? Comment below with what works for you.

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