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What to do with your broken Fitbit: Fitness Trackers

What to do with your broken Fitbit: Fitness Trackers

Do you track your steps with a Fitbit?

If so, you may be aware of the sad reality that Fitbits break. Whether it’s the strap or the software slowing down, eventually your Fitbit may bite the dust. As long as you’re within the one-year warranty period, you can either get your Fitbit repaired or replaced by the company. But what should you do with your broken Fitbit if it’s beyond the warranty? First of all, you can prevent breaking it in the first place!

How to prevent a broken Fitbit

Your best bet is to prevent a broken Fitbit in the first place. Here are a few ways to protect your device.

  • Buy a screen protector. This is a great way to prevent screen damage.
  • Buy a protective device cover. These things are great for when you get dirty (i.e. tough mudder) and want to protect your Fitbit.
  • Be careful when wearing the device. Keep it clean and dry. Even if it’s waterproof, be sure to dry it thoroughly after swimming.

Broken Fitbit

If it’s too late to prevent breaking your Fitbit, you have a few options on what to do with that broken Fitbit other than throwing it in the trash.

  • You can fix it! There are many resources online, like this one, that have guides on how to fix your particular fitness tracker. There’s even a store where you can buy tools and parts.
  • You can take it to a repair shop! You know those local phone repair shops? Or you could go online and send it in for repair.
  • Unfortunately, if your Fitbit has water damage as in water inside the device, it’s beyond repairable. I would reach out to the company to see if they could swing you a discount on a new device. Check out this article to read up on the best Fitbit out there.

Has your Fitbit broken? If so, what did you do with it?

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