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Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to try a few free Barre classes at two different The Barre Code locations and this is my review. I went into these Barre classes thinking “how hard can it be?” and needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was sweating and struggling in the classes.

I attended two brawl classes, a barre code class, and a total body conditioning (TBC) class at The Barre Code in Arlington Heights and Oak Park. I actually planned on attending more than 4 classes over the week, but only made it to the classes I did since I was burnt out between the classes and marathon training (16 mile long run last weekend!).

Barre is no joke. There were many different levels of ability, but everyone was definitely getting a good work out. The brawl classes are a mixture of barre and cardio (50/50) and I definitely felt both my heart-rate increase and my muscles being pushed to their limits. The second brawl class was even harder than the first. Just when I didn’t think it could get harder, they pushed me even further.

The Barre Code class is all barre: which is basically endurance/strength training, mostly on the ballet bar. Also not easy. There were many times my arms were shaking, my core burning and my legs… actually my legs were just fine. For the most part. I did push them to the limit though while making sure my form was correct. The teacher kept me in check, knowing it was my first barre class. And she did it discreetly, which I appreciated.

TBC is off the ballet bar but aims to condition and build endurance all over your body. Again, my arms shaking, my core burning all over, and my legs feeling a little weak. And a very nice, discreet teacher who helped me correct my form in the foreign ballet positions. The nice thing about all these classes is that they go by fast. They’re “only” 50 minutes with very little breaks. If there is a break, it’s usually 5 seconds of child pose or 10 seconds to take a sip of water, but they’re few and far between.

All I remember is the sweat dripping onto the floor, and down my neck and back, and thinking why hadn’t I tried barre sooner?

Have you tried Barre? Did you like it? If so, where did you try it? Should I try Barre elsewhere other than The Barre Code? Let me know!

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