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Avengers: Infinity War. What just happened? (Spoiler Alert)

Avengers: Infinity War. What just happened? (Spoiler Alert)

If you’re anything like me, you’re a superhero fan. Quite often mislabeled a nerd, I find myself watching as many Marvel, DC, and Star Wars movies as I can. Sometimes I even do a little research into my favorite characters. Most people are surprised to hear who my favorite characters are. But after watching the latest installment in the Avengers series, I’m not sure who my favorite superhero is anymore since he apparently died, maybe. The war isn’t over though, hence the name Infinity War. Will it ever end?

Just when I thought Black Panther stole the show

infinity warAvengers: Infinity War didn’t just blow Black Panther out of the water, it bypassed Star Wars on opening weekend. And it lived up to the hype. I laughed, I jumped, and I cried. I’ve never felt so many emotions watching a Marvel movie before. Watching one of my favorite characters Loki die was very difficult for me. I’m still in denial and believe that he will be back. Also, I was shocked to see Gamora pushed off a cliff by her supposed Father figure Thanos. I really didn’t think he had it in him, but apparently I don’t know my Marvel characters well enough.

Infinity War just starting

Everyone is aghast over Spiderman dying but I literally almost stabbed my date out of anger when The Black Panther died. Like that isn’t cool, Mr. Stan Lee. He is just beginning to get the recognition he deserves then you go and kill him? I know it’s likely not a permanent thing, but still bro! Some people think that those who disappear “I don’t feel so good, Mr Stark” may just be in an alternate universe. But I think they’re gone until someone reverses time with the gauntlet. And while the end scene suggests Captain Marvel may swoop in to help destroy Thanos, I have a hunch that Nebula is going to play a huge role as well. Especially after watching her be tortured by Thanos and then escaping.

What do you think?

What’s next for Thanos? And what’s left of the MCU? With a Spider-Man sequel film already set for next summer, and a third “Guardians” movie set for 2020, it seems unlikely that we’ve truly said goodbye to these heroes.


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