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ACT and improving your score

While the ACT is a test that is offered several times a year, the mandatory test is the April test during your Junior year in High School. With this test looming over students, they are often left with a choice: to take practice tests before April, or wait until the April test to see how they do then determine if they need to take the test again. Over the past few years, I have tutored many different types of students who have chosen many different strategies to take on this test.

No matter what they choose, I have found some key similarities that are almost always true. The more practice tests that you take and review, the more your score increases. The more time you spend reviewing ACT subjects and tips, the better prepared you are for the test. The more time you put towards the ACT, the higher your score will be.

Another thing I’ve learned is that it is rare to raise your score by more than 10 points. While this is rare, it is not impossible. For example, one of my students raised his Reading score from 11 to 23 (a 12 point increase!) after meeting with me only once and learning some very valuable reading tips and tricks.

So to all the high schoolers out there preparing for the ACT: keep plugging away and practicing. And if you get stuck, seek out help. Teachers, tutors, classes, older students who’ve taken and done well on the ACT – any of these options are helpful. And if you’re in the North/Northwest Chicagoland area, I can help you. Reply to this post if interested in meeting me and learning what I have to offer.


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