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Jen has been tutoring for many years to prepare students for the ACT/SAT as well as providing academic support in Study Skills, English, Math and Science classes. Jen has teaching experience from her Master’s degree, and she currently works as a teaching assistant at Garfield Elementary School. Jen attended University of Illinois for her Bachelors in Animal Science and is very aware of the challenges students face in the college application process – she is eager to help support students with both their classes and their standardized tests.

Social and friendly, Jen loves learning and sharing her knowledge with others. She focuses on strategies and tips to help students improve their scores and grades, all while building a bond with her students. Jen’s tutoring has taken students from a C to an A in one semester, and she has seen some of her students increase their ACT score by as high as 6 points overall.

Jen has always had a passion for reading. “I love to share my joy for reading with my students. I usually make it a point to find and recommend books that I think my students will enjoy” she says. She also enjoys writing and has two blogs that she keeps up to date. Jen’s diverse background allows her to support students in many different classes, varying from writing and language arts classes to Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry and Biology.

In high school, Jen played violin and received Chamber and District Honors in Orchestra. She was also on the bowling and badminton teams for a few years. Nowadays, Jen enjoys running long distance races (a few half marathons and a full marathon so far).

In addition to tutoring and teaching, Jen also has a passion for fitness. In 2016, she obtained her personal training certificate in order to better help people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Currently, Jen offers personalized and/or group tutoring and training virtually due to Covid-19. She looks forward to the day when she can tutor and train her clients in person again.

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