Should you workout twice a day?

workout twice a day
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Do you workout twice a day?

Normally, I don’t workout twice a day since I end up working out 5 to 7 times a week on average. But recently I got distracted and busy between work and birthday celebrations that I somehow skipped a few days at the gym (I mean workout wise not just working). In order to make up for lost time, I decided to workout twice a day for a few days. After noticing major gains and my pants feeling a lot looser, I decided to do some research on working out more than once a day. This is what I found.

Major gains ahead

Splitting your workout into two has major benefits as long as you’re doing it correctly. Ideally, you should workout once in the morning and then again in the afternoon/evening. Due to my crazy work hours, I end up working out at 7am and then again around 9pm. This allows my body to rest for just about 12 hours between workouts. But you have to be smart about your workouts as well. Splitting them up into two 30 minute sessions is ideal. For me, I am trying to achieve next-level superhero status so my workouts may look a little different than most.

As you’re raising your heart rate, boosting circulation and blood flow to the muscles, and getting a sweat on, your body undergoes stress and those muscles begin to get tired. But once you finish that first workout, getting a few hours of rest allows your body to recover and bring it back to homeostasis levels. In this time, you’re able to reboot for another workout, especially if you eat a post-workout meal.

Be smart about it

While working out twice a day is a great idea, it’s best to have a plan of action for both workouts. It might seem like a great idea to lift heavy twice a day, but this is not ideal for those looking to gain muscle or tone up. Instead, it’s best to focus one workout on strength and the other be more cardio based. Yes, you can definitely do two strength training workouts, but if you do make sure you’re focusing on different muscle groups. For me, I like to combine a body-weight TABATA workout with a solid strength-training workout. I find the cardio session helps round out my lifting session, so I end up lifting in the morning and burning calories at night.

If you’re new to working out and dive into two-a-days, that could be rough and lead to you feeling sluggish. I recommend talking to a personal trainer as they can help guide you towards the right workouts and exercises to do in order to avoid that sluggish feeling. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

How often do you workout? And are you seeing the results you want?

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