The underdogs of Instagram Influencers

underdogs of instagram
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As promised..

A few weeks back, I posted about the top Instagram influencers of 2018. Today I’m going to shine a light on the lesser-known but still awesome underdogs of Instagram. These are the people hustling every day to get their fitness motivation and advice out there. Workout ideas, diet help, and motivational quotes are just the beginning of what can be found on these accounts. Check them out today and be sure to like and follow them!

Underdogs of Instagram

  • run4donuts is a runner with my name and my passions! She loves to run, drink coffee, and eat donuts. She’s definitely ran way more races than me and is a little faster than me too. But I love her posts as they’re always inspiring me to lace up and run.
  • kemomarriott is crazy. I have to say I love his videos though! They keep me going, especially on the days when I don’t feel like working hard. He’s proof that hard work pays off.
  • pt_dunn is a freelance trainer in London. Aside from his sexy accent, he does Kobox which is where Fight Club meets Nightclub. I think I’ll move to London..
  • underdogs of instagrammixon_fitness is Batman at night and Clark Kent by day. A trainer who posts up great workout and fitness videos regularly over on YouTube. He keeps me coming back to learn more every week. To be honest, I usually steal his ideas and write about them. Just don’t tell him.
  • yogawithninauk is a vegan yogi who’s also recently pregnant. She continues to inspire me to push myself in my yoga practice, and shows me there’s no excuse to not work on my flexibility and strength.

Who’s your favorite Instagram underdog?

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