Shamrock Shuffle 8K 2018: The good and the bad

Shamrock Shuffle
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Not my first rodeo..

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle back in 2014 under a co-worker’s bib. Technically, since it was under her name, this year was my first real Shamrock Shuffle 8K. Going into it this year, I was so excited since I remembered all the fun I had at the expo beforehand and the post-race after-party. And of course the race itself. But unfortunately, it feels like a few things changed over the past few years.

First of all, this shirt is awesome!

I must say the shirt greatly improved from the white shirt I got 4 years ago. The shirt from 4 years ago wasn’t green or anywhere close to being shamrock themed. This year, it’s black with a very cute shamrock design on it. The only complaint is the women’s shirts run short. Kind of small, but a short running shirt is never fun to wear. In addition to the awesome shirt, we also received awesome medals! I don’t remember receiving a medal last time I ran this, so must say this is also an improvement.

Chicago the beautiful

shamrock shuffleI love the course of this race as well. The start and finish are the same as the Chicago Marathon, so I did have a few flashbacks. But an easy 8K was much better than those 26.2 miles I ran last October. We still got to see some great areas of the city, and end with that Roosevelt St bridge that everyone hates. 🙂

Let’s talk about this expo..

In years past, the expo was bigger and had way more vendors. To the point where it was almost hard to navigate around the place. This year there were not enough vendors, and way too much visible carpet. Of the vendors there, it seemed like there wasn’t really that much to even buy. One of my friends said this was the first expo she ever went to and didn’t buy a single thing. Bank of America may want to rethink their expo strategy if they want to make money.

Brrr Shamrock Shuffle Icicles

sharock shuffleThe only other thing was the weather! But running a race in March in Chicago, you have to be prepared for the worst. And it could’ve been worse! It didn’t rain or snow, and the sun was definitely out. While running, I felt very comfortable. Beforehand and afterwards, I was freezing. Needless to say, I didn’t stick around long after the race. I got home quickly to take a nice warm shower after the race.

Overall, I had a great time running the Shamrock Shuffle 8K. I didn’t PR because I ran it with some of my awesome running friends. But I did feel great running, to the point where at the end I felt like I could’ve kept going. Makes me want to start running outside again, if only it gets a little bit warmer.

Did you run the Shamrock Shuffle?

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