Why posture matters in indoor cycling: staying vertical

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Indoor cycling classes have many benefits including speeding up your metabolism and increasing your cardio endurance, but incorrect posture could lead to permanent damage to the spine and orientation of the body. Many popular cycling classes focus on intensity over execution, leading riders sacrificing healthy spine shape in order to keep up the pace. The preservation of the spine should be nonnegotiable for those who wish to stay vertical throughout their lifetime.

But riding a bike is intuitive

postureMost of us have ridden a bike since childhood, so we tend to just get on and pedal. Sustaining a “C” shaped spine, forward curved shoulders, neck and upper body is an extremely common default cycle posture and can change the postural destiny of those who ride without an elevated physical awareness. While it may seem that pushing yourself beyond what is comfortable may be good for your health, it’s actually better to slow down and focus on breathing and your body. See these tips below for your next spin sesh.


  • Adjust your bike settings to support your body and form properly
  • Activate your abdominal muscles to support your lower back
  • Focus on your spine shape and maintain a neutral spine throughout class
  • Engage the proper working muscles and release unwarranted tension
  • Keep your weight on the saddle when seated, and on the pedals in position 2 and 3
  • Breathe consciously with full body breaths throughout classes
  • Hydrate before, during and after classes
  • Listen to your body and ride accordingly


  • Do not hunch forward
  • Do not ride with your weight on the handlebars
  • Do not rock the upper body from side to side to assist with pedaling
  • Do not take a cycle class without having nourished your body
  • Do not ride with tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Do not pedal too hard or fast
  • Do not cross train during cycle classes
  • Do not ride without understanding how to preserve a healthy spine

Next time you’re in spin class and not sure what you’re doing? Take a moment and ask the instructor, or a nearby personal trainer. They can help you know exactly what to do and what not to do when spinning.

Do you focus on your posture during spin class?

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