PMS: How to avoid shark week

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If you’re a female, then you know you’ve been there. Life’s going great, you’re feeling awesome. Then Aunt Flow comes for a visit. If you’re anything like me, your mood changes and the cramps begin immediately. While I usually just muster through them, most people around me feel the effects. I turn into a shark, sometimes snapping at those I love the most. After the week of hell is over, I usually feel bad and have a lot of grovelling to do. In order to avoid all of this, I found a PMS survival kit that has helped save my social life.

My PMS Kits

Made for women by women, these kits come customized to your needs. Every woman is different. I know for me, I crave sweets and chocolate during my period. I also get killer cramps that could leave me curled up in a ball for hours if I let them overtake me. All the products are organic and natural, which is helpful especially since most female hygiene products have bleach and fragrances which can be harmful and irritating to the uterus. There’s more than just products in the kits though.

What you get

Beauty products, essential oils, heating pads, chocolates, candy, tea, and of course the necessary tampons, pads or diva cup. You may also get some extra stuff you wouldn’t expect from a PMS kit. All in all, very handy stuff to make the week go by smoother.

How do you get through shark week?

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