New Year’s Resolutions: What are you waiting for?

new year's resolutions
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New Year, New You

New Years is coming up! And what better time than January 1st to start that life change you’ve been wanting to make all year but have decided to wait until next year! Do you make a list of New Year’s resolutions? What’s on the list for 2018? Is it different or the same as years past? Is losing weight and working out more often on that list? If so, read on!

Don’t wait for 2018!

What is stopping you from starting your fitness goals today? Did you know that New Year’s resolutions, on average, last about 3 to 6 weeks. Early to mid-February, the gym empties out once again and the regulars don’t have to fight for the weight machines anymore. But, if you start today, the gym is empty now! Especially around the holidays. Everyone is out of town visiting family, so the perfect time to start your new workout regime is today!

More Demand = Higher Prices

You may think you’re getting a New Year’s special discount at the gym in January, but what you don’t know is gyms spike their rates in January. They know people are going to buy no matter what, so might as well make an extra buck out of it! If you’re smart, you’ll sign up for that gym membership in December to avoid the long lines and the higher rates.

There’s no better time than now!

Every habit takes about 3 weeks to begin, why not start now and get ahead of the mad gym rush of January 2018? If you’re in the Chicago area, come visit me at LA Fitness in Oak Brook and I’ll work up some awesome deals for you. Mention this blog post and come in before the New Year to get the best rates!

What’s stopping you from starting now? What are your New Year’s goals?


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