Making and keeping fitness resolutions

fitness resolutions
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This year is a little different for me. Most years, I write distinct fitness goals like lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks, or reach 18% body fat by a certain day. I even write up a workout plan, writing the days I will workout and the types of workouts I’ll do. I also put together a meal plan so that I don’t cheat too much on the diet, which is about 75% of the effort anyways. But this year, I’m growing a human. How exactly do I write anything concrete while pregnant? How do I make and keep my fitness resolutions?

Write them down..

In pencil. The one thing they can’t tell you in pregnancy is the exact number of pounds you’ll gain. Of course, there’s a range they prefer you to stay in. But if you gain a few extra pounds in addition to that range, it isn’t the end of the world. I have a friend who gained 40 pounds for both her pregnancies, and has successfully lost it all and looks amazing afterwards. While it’s ideal to only gain 25-30 pounds while pregnant, it is okay if your weight gain isn’t textbook, as long as baby and you are healthy. So keep those goals written in pencil, but still keep the standard format.

Have a measurable

A number of pounds or even better percentage of body fat is ideal to write down. While pregnant with your first baby like me, you have no idea just how long it’ll take you to “bounce back.” We’re not all blessed like Beyonce, some of us will take longer than others. And it’s better to be realistic and give yourself time. For me, I have big ideas and hoping they manifest themselves this year. But goal-wise I keep it simple. When I got pregnant, I was hovering around 145-150 pounds and was pretty happy with my weight. My goal is to get back to that range 6 months after baby girl arrives. Obviously, 6 months is a long time. But this includes the 6 weeks post-partum that no high-intensity exercise is allowed. And this also includes caring for a baby full-time. Which I’m not sure but I hear is pretty time-consuming.

Don’t beat yourself up

If you don’t hit your exact goal by the exact date, don’t beat yourself up. Just keep plugging away. Maybe it’ll take you 8 months to reach those fitness resolutions. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Your health and fitness are number one. No one else should come before you. Not even that little adorable mini me demanding all of your time.

What are your fitness resolutions?

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