Love languages and what they mean

love languages
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What’s your love language?

I know this isn’t necessarily fitness related, but some may argue that love and relationships affect your health. And if you’re currently in a relationship of any kind and not actually moving forward, it’s time to jump ship. See what I did there? Anyways, today I’m going to dive into the 5 common love languages and what each one means.

Quality Time

This is actually my primary love language. I absolutely adore spending one on one time with the person I love. Putting the phone away and just talking and listening. Going on adventures, trying new things together. Or cuddling in silence. Or falling asleep together while watching TV. I’ve said too much.. but even working out and sweating together counts as quality time in my book.

Acts of Service

Believe it or not, I also enjoy a guy willing to help me out. Of course, I am very independent. But once in awhile I need a guy to help me with a project in my condo or for work. I adore a guy willing to help me as much as I help him.

Physical Touch

This is a close second for me. I love holding hands with the right guy. Or having his arm around me. I also greatly enjoy giving and receiving massages. But no tickles!

Words of Affirmation

I think when I was younger, I craved compliments. As I’ve matured, my confidence has increased and my self-love has grown. I still appreciate a nice compliment, but it depends on what’s being said and the delivery. I dislike guys who wait till the last minute to compliment me after spending an entire evening with me. Or the guys who will only text their thoughts rather than say them out loud in public.

Receiving gifts

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy gifts all that often. Once in awhile, sure. But this would likely be the last love language for me. But I do know the thought behind the gift is what matters. I like to give gifts and put thought into them for others so can definitely see this as a good way to express one’s love.

How many love languages do you have?

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