Weight Loss: Losing weight with Reddit

losing weight with reddit
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Reddit for weight loss?

losing weight with redditHave you heard of Reddit? It is the front page of the internet. In addition to the news and other random stories, people are losing weight with Reddit. With over 670,000 subscribers to the weight loss sub-reddit channel LOSEIT, a robust community is forming online. They offer a weight-loss Quick Start Guide and many 30-day challenges to keep their subscribers motivated. While this is all fine and dandy, there are a few things to keep in mind as you join this community and start your weight-loss journey.

Losing weight with Reddit

  • Don’t forget about “non-scale” victories. Many people get weight-obsessed while completely missing out all the other signs of getting healthier. The scale along with tracking your body fat percentage will show a better picture of your health progress. Not only body fat, but also pay attention to your energy levels, sleep quality, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and inches lost. These non-scale victories are just as important as the scale ones.
  • “Tantrum Tuesday” is a part of the channel where people go to vent in regards to losing weight. While for some venting helps, it may not help others to read that type of negativity. If you know this is affect you, be sure to steer clear of this channel.
  • Find support outside of LOSEIT too. You need more than just an online community to stay motivated. Seek out support from your friends or co-workers if you can. Or even through social media as it’s less anonymous than Reddit.
  • Take other peoples’ progress pictures with a grain of salt. Photos are a great way to track progress and looking at other’s pictures can be encouraging. But with photo-editing software and apps that are available today, photos can easily be edited to make people appear thinner than they really are. If looking at certain progress pictures makes you negative in regards to your weight loss journey, stop looking.
  • Watch your language. No one likes a negative Nancy! The way we talk about our weight loss journeys is ultimately how we will see them. Try not to demonize foods and instead focus on the positive in regards to what you’re eating and your workouts.
  • Know that LOSEIT doesn’t work for everyone and that’s OK. The community provides a lot, but sometimes it isn’t enough for certain people. Everyone is different. If needed, seek out additional support from a dietitian or nutritionist.

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