Functional training: my two weeks at F45 training

F45 training
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Have you heard of F45 training?

Functional training is the newest trend straight out of Australia. Or maybe it’s been here all along, but now there’s a name for it. F45 training is the newest studio popping up all over the Chicagoland area. It’s 45 minute long classes (yes, you have time) that will literally kick your butt. With over 4000 exercises in their database, no two workouts are the same.

Why functional training works

First of all, it’s functional. This type of training helps you improve everyday functions such as balance, walking, opening a jar, and lifting heavy objects. Ok, maybe you don’t normally lift heavy objects. But do you drive or sit in a chair? Did you know most people who sit most of the day end up having terrible posture? But functional strength training can help correct your posture!

Also, it’s great since every time you show up for a class it’s a different workout. This leaves your body guessing so that you avoid hitting a plateau! They also have weights that go relatively heavy so that over time you can increase the amount of weight you’re lifting. The only weird part about F45 is there’s no stretching at the end. But you can do your own stretches as long as there isn’t another class right after yours.

But is it circuit training?

Yes and yes. The classes are split up into strength classes, cardio classes, and a mix of both. But all of them target almost all of your muscles, so you will get a full body workout. While circuit training is great to burn fat in the beginning, in the long run it can actually decrease your muscle mass which leads to increased body fat. We definitely don’t want this, so not really sure how great the F45 training will be in the long run.

What are your thoughts on F45? Do you like functional training?

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