Cookies and why you should eat them

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I don’t know about you..

But I love cookies. I can go months without bread, but barely a week without eating a cookie. The struggle is real. But during my fitness journey, I’ve discovered protein cookies. Eating these helps me sleep at night as they help curb my cookie craving AND help me make gains. Here’s my review of the top protein cookies out there.

Larry and Lenny cookies

cookiesThese are vegan, dairy-free, nongmo, packed with either 8 or 16 grams of protein, and are delicious. Other than the macadamia one I got recently that tasted like soap, not sure what happened there. But my favorite flavors include peanut butter and chocolate chip. You can’t go wrong with these flavors, and they’re easy to find in most grocery stores including Jewel and Trader Joe’s.

Munk Pack

I’m not sure where these protein cookies came from but I discovered them recently during a very hungry run to Jewel (read: time of the month hormones raging hunger). And they were on sale, what other sign could I ask for? These are also vegan, gluten-free, and pack 18 grams of protein! More protein and seem more natural as well since I could actually see and taste the peanuts in my cookie. Maybe it’s just a mental thing, but I keep thinking about where have these cookies been my entire life? It also makes me think what other cookies are out there that I’m missing? Can anyone help me?

What’s your favorite (protein) cookie? I just found Quest ones I haven’t tried yet!

I’ve been sleeping on these brands though! Time to up my cookie game.

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