Chicago Marathon 2017: clothing

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What did I wear while running the marathon and why? How did I figure out the best clothes to wear while running for 5+ hours? How did I avoid chafing and blisters (well, for the most part). Continue reading for the answers and more. ­čÖé

When I first started running, I just wore whatever exercise clothes I had. I didn’t own any fancy running shorts or shirts. Nor socks. But as I began running longer distances, I realized what I wear affects things. Things like chafing and heat rash. Ain’t nobody got time for heat rash!


Over time and distance, I found short shorts would almost always lead to chafing when running further than 6 miles or so. I started running in mostly biker shorts or bermudas. I found some favorites listed below which all have prevented chafing while running even 13+ miles (we’re talking running for over 2.5 hours, even on the hottest days).


In addition to longer shorts, I also found T shirts rather than tank tops helped avoid chafing as well. Of course, on really hot days, those tank tops are a better option to help keep cool. Also, to help avoid that runners/farmers tan look. I found convenient shirts that came with support were great in addition to tech running shirts. See some favorites listed below.


Sports bras for us women are also very important. I have small boobs and therefore don’t need much support so I opt for the wireless,┬áracerback option when it comes to bras. I know that I’m blessed as I don’t have to worry about bouncing and other issues I’ve heard from other female runners. If you’re like me with small boobs (Size B or below) then check out these recommendations:


Last but not least: socks! The type of socks do make a difference! I.e. if you want to avoid painful blisters or athlete’s foot, the right socks come in handy. You want light, breathable socks especially while running on hot days. Winter/cold running is a little different, but you definitely want to avoid cotton socks no matter what. I personally love the following brands of socks, especially on those long runs:

What do you wear while running? Post your recommendations below and let me know what you think of these items!

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