Better posture leads to better health

better posture
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A lot of people think they can build better posture in the gym by lifting weights. Or just by being conscious of it and not slouching. Unfortunately, both of these fall short of achieve better posture. And age plus gravity are not on your side. The older you get, the worse your posture will be. Bad posture affects way more than just how you look or feel. Did you know it can compromise your organs and how they function as well? Today we’re diving into posture and why it matters.

5 ways your posture affects your health

  1. Poor circulation: If you sit in a chair for hours every day with poor posture, you’re at risk of developing or worsening circulation issues. Taking the time to move throughout the day and making postural changes can not only help you have better posture, it can help you prevent serious health issues later in life.
  2. Exacerbating arthritis: Poor posture can lead to malalignment of your spine or knees, which can increase stress on your knees. Over time, that malalignment can worsen the effects of arthritis by putting pressure on one part of the joint and causing pain.
  3. Breathing efficacy: To breathe properly, your diaphragm needs to have enough space in the thoracic cavity to properly release and contract with each breath. Your ability to breathe optimally is boosted when your body is lengthened and in proper alignment. Poor posture and spine misalignment can compromise your ability to breathe well. 
  4. Headaches: Bad posture can contribute to tight neck muscles and compromise the natural curvature of your spine, which can lead to headaches.
  5. Sexual function: Having poor posture while sitting can adversely affect your sexual function. Rounded lower back sitting can have profound effects on men’s and women’s sexual function because this posture shortens and tightens the pelvic floor muscles. When the pelvic floor muscles are tight and weak, they cannot exert their power and strength. The end result can be weak or nonexistent orgasms.

How to improve your posture

Now that you know how important posture is, you’re likely going to start sitting up straighter and become more aware of your posture. But for some of us, sitting up straight just isn’t going to cut it. And no matter how much iron you’re pumping at the gym, your muscles can’t fix bad posture. So what’s next?

I recommend getting aligned by a professional. Being aligned helps you improve your health in a multitude of ways. And if you’re in the Chicagoland area, I can’t recommend Dr. Stephen Spencer enough. You can visit his website HERE and see some of his client and their amazing transformations HERE.

I even gave Dr. Spencer a try and felt instant relief after just one adjustment. Not that I have bad posture, but it is helpful to improve overall health.

What do you do to improve your posture?


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